which grass is beneath your feet?

Which Grass Is Beneath Your Feet?

In an ideal world grass would be grass.  It would all be a lush coloured green which could be mown at the same height, grown and maintained in any conditions, and cared for in the same fashion.  The average lawn in New Zealand however is home to at least one of six common grass types, and the processes of caring for each one can differ significantly. If you’re looking to… Read More »Which Grass Is Beneath Your Feet?

Mulching or Catching?

There’s a lot of different advice out there surrounding the topic of whether one should mulch when mowing their lawns or catch the grass clippings to dump them on the compost heap. What is mulching? Mulching is when lawn clippings are dispersed and left on the lawn as opposed to being collected in the mower catcher.  Many modern lawn mowers come with a mulching function in addition to having a… Read More »Mulching or Catching?